Chilli Padi, Oakland California

Reviewed 24 August 2016

I wasn’t too impressed with our orders today but must say the service is good and the place is clean and welcoming.

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The first thing I noticed when I walked into the restaurant was how clean the place is. The tables and chairs were set up with plenty of space to walk around. The walls were clean; and the tables and floor spotless.

Malaysian hawker food in the USA is a ‘hit-or-miss’ – usually a miss. As a Penangite – we have a higher expectation of hawker foods – so I think it’s because of that we become more critical when we try the food here. I found out that one of the chefs is from Malaysia and two others from China.

Chilli Padi, Oakland Chinatown

Telephone: 510-891-8862

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Maggie Tan

"As a REALTOR, I have the opportunity to work in different Bay Area cities. Often I get to enjoy the different eateries in those cities. Moving to a 'new' city can be exciting but can also be a little intimidating. I find food as a source of comfort, therefore, I have decided to write a review about the eateries I have had the opportunity to experience. Visit for more information. Bon Appétit!"

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