Sardine Can, Vallejo California

Reviewed July 2016 (my 14th review)

This is a great place to grab a quick sandwich or sit down and relax and watch the sailboats go by. We were excited to show our guests what a little eatery here can offer. Unfortunately the server who stopped by to hand out the menus and take our drinks order was not quite there today as she sulks from table to table. It took her 20-minutes to get a beer to the table.

The ambience: 4 of 5 if you sit on the patio; and 2.5 of 5 if you sit inside. The patio boasts of newer deck and clean picnic tables and benches while the interior has a weird ‘old’ smell that lingers on your clothes.

The service: 1 of 5 for the first server, and 5 of 5 for Chelsea – the server who took over. Chelsea was sweet as can be – an absolute charmer.

Sardin Can, Vallejo 2016Jul8-1
The food: 3.5 of 5 – mixed review. My Seafood Rice Sauté (rice pilaf sautéed with white wine, herb butter, jumbo prawns, crab, bay shrimp, and cod) looked nice as it got to the table but one can soon see a layer of oil seeping under the pile of rice. The oil was a stomach-turner but otherwise quite tasty. The last time I ordered this it lacked seasoning but not this time.



Sardin Can, Vallejo 2016Jul8-2



Both the sandwiches my guests ordered had minor issues – one of which was the huge slices of bread with very little in between.



Sardin Can, Vallejo 2016Jul8-1a
The best dish of the day was the Calamari Strips – flavourful and perfectly deep-fried.

Three years ago in May was my first visit to Sardine Can. Sardine Can has a story behind it – Mary, the present owner bought the restaurant from her employer several years ago. She was a former waitress here and knows the history behind it and many of the patrons that frequent the restaurant. Mary took a risk when she bought the place but since she took ownership, business has grown.

Sardine Can
Telephone: 707-553-9492

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